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CAPT Michelle Stephenson RN, BSN, MLS, MS, CHES

Michelle Brown Stephenson

Simply known as “The Nurse”, Michelle is a knowledgeable professional with years of practical experience. For more than 20 years she has provided valuable insight, interpretation and guidance to organizations, associations and individuals. She has a sixth sense when it comes to navigating her patients and clients through the maze of the available health care options, understanding health diagnoses & concerns, de-mystifying medical jargon. 

Michelle provides evidence based proven modalities and treatments that allow her patients and clients to play an active and integral role in their healthcare team. Her education credentials resemble alphabet soup and she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health. When it comes to her professional philosophy, she believes, “I am dedicated to empowering others in their pursuit of health and healthy living. 

My desire and goal is to serve others by listening, inspiring, and educating individuals not only about health but about their health. My goal is to help others establish a legacy of health”.

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Wife, mother, church elder, student, daughter, registered nurse, health educator, public health service officer

Individuals want and need reliable health information that is communicated in everyday language. It is my endeavor to elevate that perceived knowledge deficit where health education is concerned. My desire is for every person to have the understanding and ability to converse intelligently with their healthcare team when the situation arises. To that end; the general public has to begin the conversation and embrace their role and responsibility in controlling personal health. 

Healthy does not just happen; it is a disciplined lifestyle that yields it. I sincerely believe that if people have tangible basic information that they can grasp, they can and will make better choices that lead to significant improvements in their quality of life. I choose to dedicate my professional career to assisting others to empowerment. I choose to teach those who desire to learn health. I choose to listen, inspire learning, and communicate health knowledge in a humble and giving manner.

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