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About Health Options & Alternatives
Our Commitment to Quality

  • Health Options & Alternatives chooses to dedicate itself to assisting others to empowerment through education.
  • Assisting those who desire to learn health; we choose to listen, inspire learning and communicate knowledge in a humble and giving manner.
  • We pledge to facilitate innovative learning experiences designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Core Values 

  • Healthy is a way of living, not a single momentary choice.
  • Facilitating healthy lifestyles through education and thus empowerment of the general public by providing a variety of services that assist in obtaining and maintaining optimal health.

Health Options & Alternatives (HOA) 
Our Mission & Vision

HOA’s threefold mission is

  • To be a health education and information resource complex, serving consumers and providers alike, designed to facilitate healthy lifestyles.
  • To stand as a visible commitment of strategic alliances that empower our community as it seeks to enhance the quality of lives, through a variety of services that assist in obtaining and maintaining optimal health.
  • To provide a critical link in the network of multidisciplinary health resources in the Tarrant County area.

HOA’s vision is threefold:
  • To aid the client in increasing their knowledge foundation where health is concerned.
  • To provide health education and information in a user friendly format, in a timely manner.
  • To support the client through the stages of healthful behavior modification.
Learn More About HOA:

              Founder, HOA

Health Options & Alternatives is:

  • Committed to educating you on all matters related to health & nutrition.
  • Committed to equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Committed to enhancing you and your family's health.

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Health Options & Alternatives, Inc.
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