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About Health Options & Alternatives
Extraordinary Experiences:
Health Options & Alternatives (HOA) provides valuable insight and interpretive guidance in helping organizations; associations and individuals migrate through the maze of the available health care options. HOA’s health care professionals take the time to facilitate understanding your health concerns. The resources found in Health Options & Alternatives Resource Complex are tailored to everyday language, intended to help explain ailments/diseases, demystify difficult subject matter, impart a sense of control to clients, and stimulate and enrich communication between patients and health care providers

Why HOA: 
Its main service is health information, awareness and education. The service is unique in that it is end user oriented, and it’s a collaborative initiative/effort that addresses social change as it pertains to health education.
HOA distinguishes itself through its ability to provide a user-friendly environment for clients to acquire reliable health education and information. HOA’s unique service integrates health education and information technology to promote healthy lifestyle modifications. HOA fills a niche by providing a variety of health education and information interventions specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.
Health Options & Alternatives exists to assist clients in taking an active and involved approach to their healthcare. Health care professionals realize that unless individuals take responsibility for their own health, there will be no significant improvements in the general health of the population. Knowledge of and familiarity with medical terminology and the health care system is becoming increasingly important for healthy living. Community health education libraries and resource centers are evolving from this need in various places over the country

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Health Options & Alternatives is:

  • Committed to educating you on all matters related to health & nutrition.
  • Committed to equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Committed to enhancing you and your family's health.

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